What is AROSE platform?

AROSE is a project founded by Eramus+ to promote the assessment of English oral skills in secondary students. Here you can register and access to the digital platform developed in this project.

Why is AROSE useful?

This digital tool will be useful to assess oral skills in A2 and B2 levels in English. You can use all the AROSE resources and you will be able to share the new ones you can create.

What tools are there in AROSE

  1. A digital repository of public Resources to assess English oral skills. Feel free to add your own.
  2. A Dashboard where you can watch a brief summary of your state in the platform.
  3. A tool to register and manage your Students
  4. A tool to create and manage Rubrics for assessment
  5. A Gradebook to manage the marks
  6. A Forum and a Chat to connect with other secondary school teachers

Register here and begin to use AROSE